Newsletter #5

Newsletter Issue #5 – March 2022

Bounceback Training Materials

Over the course of the past 6 months, and following regular consultations and through the joint work of the partners the BOUNCEBACK, training materials reflecting the objectives of the project for veteran and active athletes were developed. 
University of Pannonia created Module 1 – Before the games – The transfer, while MILITOS created Module 2 – Warming up! – Getting ready and Module 3 – In the locker room – Entering the field to transfer the skills of veteran athletes into competences that ensure success in the business/entrepreneurial world. AEK, Lazio, VEDAC, R&DO reviewed the Modules to ensure their efficacy and relevance to the sports and adult training structures in their own countries. The training material was translated into all the project languages by the Partners, taking into account national specificities.

Developing the BOUNCEBACK online platform and Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

The framework of the Platform (WordPress) was designed and developed by R&DO first in English and reviewed by all other partners in terms of its functionality. Parallel to this, the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) was also integrated in the BOUNCEBACK platform. Subsequently, R&DO will continue to develop and fine-tune the platform in the partners’ languages and expects to have it ready by mid-March, 2022. Partners will continue to test in their own language in March to ensure that everything is ready before the training.
The BOUNCEBACK course materials will be made available to all interested veterans and active athletes and stakeholders free of charge in the form of e-learning. However in the first round, it will only be available to participants of the pilot trainings in Hungary, Italy and Greece. The final material will be made available after piloting and fine-tuning according to the experiences and feedback of the participants of pilot training sessions. Later on, those who decides to participate in the BOUNCEBACK MOOC simply logs into the BOUNCEBACK platform, logs in and registers for the course. 


Organising Pilot training sessions: Ready, set, Bounceback training!

Lazio, VEDAC, AEK will organize pilot training sessions for a total number of 100 veteran athletes (40 in Italy, 30 in Greece, 30 in Hungary per partner) in the spring 2022. The trainers have been appointed, and it has been decided that there will be ‘tandem trainers’ who will act as a bridge between the trainers and the athletes, and also help to involve the decision-makers.
The pilot training sessions will comprise:
•    the self-assessment of veteran athletes via the online platform,
•    a number of classroom teachings carried out as per the specifications in the handbooks,
•    a distance training programme via which veteran athletes will receive e-learning through meetings with experts on the platform and via the MOOC and receive the necessary guidance to overcome actual challenges during their traineeships.
The University of Pannonia and VEDAC are organizing pilot training course for veteran and active athletes in March-April-May 2022 to help them achieve the success they need in the entrepreneurial and business world.

Application for the Hungarian Bounceback training and more info can be found here. Bounceback news in Hungrian available here.


Developing of the handbooks and train the trainer material

The BOUNCEBACK consortium will design and develop handbooks covering all the pedagogic specifications for training veteran athletes that aim to enter the business/entrepreneurial world.
These handbooks will also provide detailed how-to guides outlining pilot-tested approaches on building a new career and providing practical advice on how to achieve success on the career paths presented in the Match-Making Tool. AEK has started to develop the Training Guidelines.


The Bounceback project is available on EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe).  Two new blogs have been published In sport, just as in life, diligence and hard work pay off!

Bounceback Athletes
Developing an innovative learning approach to facilitate the integration of veteran/retired athletes into employment, business and entrepreneurship