Newsletter #6

Newsletter Issue #6 – August 2022

Pilot trainings in Hungary, Italy and Greece – Spring/Summer 2022

LAZIO, VEDAC, AEK organized pilot training sessions for a total number of 100 veteran athletes (40 in Italy, 30 in Greece, 30 in Hungary per partner) to help them achieve the success they need in the entrepreneurial and business world in the spring/summer 2022. 
The University of Pannonia and VEDAC organised the pilot training courses for veteran and active athletes in March-April-May 2022. During the contact days they covered the background of the training and went through most of the online exercises. In between the contact days participants had the time to fill out the online tasks and complete the three modules. The participants were enthusiastic and active all through the contact days. They understood the importance of developing business and entrepreneurial skills in order to be successful after they end their sports career. The more experienced sportspeople gave important insight on the training’s concepts and they unanimously expressed that the development of entrepreneurial competences and the training concept and actual tasks are necessary for athletes to successfully switch career paths and that this training is useful for any athlete, active or retired.
LAZIO organised the pilot training in an in-person modality in June 2022. A trainer was hired for this scope who is a former athlete, and now an airplane pilot for a major company in his country. Lazio Karate benefited from its Multisport club membership to engage athletes of different sport disciplines, namely: karate, Football, swimming, rowing, hockey, American football. In total over 40 athletes became aware of the platform. Most of the training resulted in great engagement and feedback by participants. Among the feedback received was the interesting content and the interest in bringing the discussion further.
AEK organised successfully three pilot trainings for Module 1, 2 and 3 in June 2022. The modules were addressed AEK’s athletes of handball club, AEK´s fencing club athletes and young athletes at the University of Athens, at the School of Physical Education and Sports Science, where the athletes can get in touch with many different professional fields around the sports area. In all cases the training environment was friendly to the athletes and many team building activities took place. First, we wanted the athletes to realise their skills like working as a team, problem solving, working altogether, taking fast decisions, working through time pressure and expressing themselves. We tried to make the players think about their future, how they imagine it and what they are planning about it. Athletes talked to us about how they gain their living (the veterans) and what they are imagining of doing after the retirement (the younger ones). We tried to identify their mindset towards sports, their personality, their skills and their professional career and help them move forward towards their goals and wishes.

BOUNCEBACK Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is available – July 2022

The BOUNCEBACK course materials (MOOC) were successfully tested by participants of the pilot trainings in Hungary (UP and VEDAC), Italy (LAZIO) and Greece (AEK). Based on the experiences and feedback of the participants of pilot training sessions the Platform was fine-tuned and redesigned by R&DO and MILITOS. We are happy to inform you that the final material is available to all interested veterans and active athletes and stakeholders free of charge in the form of e-learning. Anyone who decides to participate in the BOUNCEBACK MOOC simply logs into the BOUNCEBACK platform. Partners will continue to collect feedback from the stakeholders during the multiplier events. 

Added value – Bounceback digital badge

As an added value, a digital badge was also created in the frame of the project. This digital badge can be used to recognise completion of the Bounceback pilot trainings in Hungary, Greece and Italy. It is a kind of digital certificate that includes the earning criteria, the issuer and all necessary information about the training. The participants of the trainings received their BB badge via e-mail.


Bounceback Major Conference – September 2022

The BOUNCEBACK CONFERENCE – ‘Active and veteran athletes in the entrepreneurial and business world’ will be organised by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Pannonia (UP) and the University and Student Athletics Club of Veszprém (VEDAC) in cooperation with the National Association of Sports Clubs (SOSZ) on 19 – 20th September 2022 in Veszprém, Hungary.
We would like to invite you to the event of our Bounceback project. It is a great honour that Dr. Tamás Deutsch, President of SOSZ, will personally participate and that Dr. Balázs Baji, World Champion bronze medalist hurdler and Attila Mizsér, Olympic Champion, Managing Director of Apollo Consulting Kft. and Kristóf Rasovszky, Olympic silver medallist, world champion, two-time European champion and junior world champion swimmer will also participate in the round table discussion.
The event will include a round table discussion, a presentation of the results of the European Commission-funded Bounceback project and an opportunity to develop future collaborations. The project has developed an innovative training method for active and former athletes to transform the skills they acquired during their sporting careers into the skills they need to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship and business. 
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Bounceback Athletes
Developing an innovative learning approach to facilitate the integration of veteran/retired athletes into employment, business and entrepreneurship